Leatherific by Fern Thatcher

We invented a dynamic way to easily apply patterns and graphics to leather
We Created The First True Leather Customization Technology

Invented by Tina Hancock, Leatherific uses a standard inkjet printer and our exclusive heat transfer paper to “tattoo” your designs on the leather. The result is perfectly transferred prints that are permanent, waterproof, and flawless.

This works for ANY design, making the possibilities for leather customization go as far as your imagination.

The process is so simple that anyone can do it at home! We have created Leatherific kits for customers to personalize their own leather products. They can print virtually any pattern on any kind of leather, family photos onto wallets, a picture from their wedding day into a jacket, or business logos onto hats.

Want to level-up your product personalization? Get in on this cutting-edge leather crafting method.

We offer the white-labeling of our Leatherific product to our suppliers. Now, your creativity can soar without the barriers of traditional leather crafting. Offer your customers a plethora of vivid, durable, and reliable design options to stand out from your competitors.

Leatherific Gallery

You can customize your pieces yourself, or we can do all the Leatherific work for you. Reach out to us to get your logo on your leather products!

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