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At Fern Thatcher, we see the dreams and dedication woven into every piece. We understand that behind every leather product is an artisan’s story, filled with passion, challenges, and triumphs.

Our role goes beyond supplying leather; it’s about nurturing these stories, understanding the heartbeats behind the handcraft, and supporting each unique journey with compassion and dedication.

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What Fern Thatcher Artisans Say
I love this leather! It is high quality and tanned right here in the USA! Fern Thatcher Co is very professional, friendly and timely. I will be using them again and again.
Great product, Great service. Unlike a lot of sweatbands on the market, these are cut on a slight curve, so once they’re sewn up to size they taper slightly. This makes them fit in the crown of the hat much better than a straight sweatband – a great feature that they don’t even mention in the description!
Great quality and fast shipping even during holidays.
Tellez Mercantile
Super communication, quality, packaging, matched the description, met my expectations, fast delivery and service! 5 of 5 Stars!!
JR Family
I buy all of my sweatbands from FernThacher Co. They use real leather to make their sweatbands and I will only use real leather in the hats that I make. They make a great product that is soft and comfortable to wear. Their sweatbands are perfect for my hats and if you make hats you won’t find better leather sweatbands for your hats.
Great and speedy service. The items was better than what I expected.
Fern Thatcher Services

Welcome to your all-in-one leather service hub where you can access wholesale purchasing, white-label options, and custom design conceptualization all under one roof. Whether you’re in the industry or a leather enthusiast, find everything you need right here.

High-Quality Full-Grain Leather Solutions
We specifically craft our premium full-grain leather to meet your high standards
Custom Promotional Leather Goods
Empower your brand with our exceptional variety of leather promotional products
Embossing and Custom Design Expertise
We’re known for our exceptional embossed leather products establishing a strong
Exceptional Customer Service
Our attentive and responsive customer service team is dedicated to providing strong support

Family Owned and Operated

A Legacy of Leather

My name is Tucker Hancock, and together with my wife, Lauren, we embarked on our leather crafting journey by creating Bible and journal covers for military members. As an Air Force veteran, I was driven by a desire to craft meaningful items for my fellow service members.

Craftsmanship runs deep in our family, with both my parents creating leather goods that have graced stores nationwide for years. So, when our trusted leather supplier offered us the chance to take over his business, we seized the moment with enthusiasm.

Now, with Fern Thatcher Co. under our stewardship, my brother and sister-in-law have also come on board, strengthening our family’s bond to the art of leather crafting. Together, we stand as a united team of passionate crafters, dedicated to the industry we love and committed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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