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Hat Sweatbands

Hat Sweatbands

Handmade 2” calf leather sweatband that is cut on a slight curve for... 

Leather Hat Haulers

Leather Hat Haulers

Introducing the Leather Hat Hauler - the ultimate solution for hat enthusiasts... 

Hair On Hides

Hair On Hides

We only sell the finest hair-on cow hides. These are perfect for... 

Family owned and operated for over 20 years

“We’re a family owned business, which means we hold each other accountable and work hard every day to please our valued customers”

~Tucker Hancock, the president of Fern Thatcher Co

Meet The Owners

  • Sweat bands

    We provide sweat bands to hat makers all over the world. Our sweatbands are made from the best leather around to make your hats feel like heaven on your forhead. Our selection ranges from natural vegitable tanned leather for sensitive skin to buttery microsuede for maximum comfort. We have a selection here on our website and on our Etsy shop at FernThatcherCo - Etsy You can also follow us on Instagram for our day to day shenannigans.

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  • Our Story

    Howdy! Tucker Hancock here, welcome to our leather shop! My wife, Lauren, and I started our leather journey making bible and journal covers for military members. I'm an Air Force veteran and wanted to make something worthwhile for my fellow military members. We learned a lot about leather during this time in our lives. Like how different tempers really affect a finished product and what type of tanning is best for certain types of leather goods. My Mother and Father were also making leather goods that were and still are sold in stores accross the country. When our leather supplier came to us asking if we would be interested in purchasing his business we jumped at the opprotunity. Since taking over Fern Thatcher Co my brother and sister in-law have joined the family business as well and here we are! A group of leather crafters who love the industry and crave quality and craftsmanship.

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    Great product, Great service. Unlike a lot of sweatbands on the market, these are cut on a slight curve, so once they're sewn up to size they taper slightly. This makes them fit in the crown of the hat much better than a straight sweatband - a great feature that they don't even mention in the description! Brent cheerfully accommodated my request for a slightly longer length to fit my giant head. Very happy with these sweatbands!


    I love this leather! It is high quality and tanned right here in the USA! Fern Thatcher Co is very professional, friendly and timely. I will be using them againd and again.


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    We love to have a good time and sometimes that means pranks on mom and dad, terrible lip syncing with instagram sounds, and just filming the day to day happenings that go on in our family owned and operated shop. We also post about new shipments coming in, new colors, new products, ect. So follow us to stay in the know!

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