Hair On Cow Hide Brindle Brown Black and White

This hide will be a darker brindle with black and brown as the main colors with some white accents. We only use the finest hair-on cow hides, perfect for upholstery, craftsmanship and garments.

• Great for rugs or as accents for your home such as coasters, pillows, placemats and more 

• Ideal for garments like vests, hats, and purses.

• Enjoy the variety of uses of our hair-on cowhides. Create a western look or a rustic element to your
modern home!

• Average size: 32 to 40 sq. ft. (2.97 to 3.72 sq. meters)

• Please be aware that you may find little marks and scars because this is a natural product

• Please expect slight variation in size, color or pattern; each hide is unique

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