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Fern Thatcher Co

Black Botanical Patterned Leather Sweatbands

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Handmade 1 5/8” roan leather sweatbands that have a designer print on the leather. It comes reeded with an e-stitch for maximum comfort. Each sweatband is cut, split, embossed, and sewn at our shop in Gallatin Missouri. We are a veteran owned business and have over 20 years combined experience in producing leather products. We have been taught how to make world class sweatbands from Stu Blattner who has had over 26 years of experience in creating leather sweatbands. If you have a collection of hats, chances are Stu has made a few of your sweatbands over the years.

- Designer leather from roan leather
- Split down to 2/3oz for easy use to sew onto hat
- Fun designs to go into designer hats
- 1 5/8” reeded sweatband that is 25” long
- E-stitch through the sweatband
- Limited stock available

- Simply pick what design you want your leather sweatband to be in the design drop down menu. We offer four different designs to choose from.

1. Black Botanical
2. Cheetah
3. Paisley
4. Floral

- Simply select the quantity you would like ordered and it’s that easy.


🔸Do you offer bulk pricing?
- We do offer bulk pricing if you would like to order over 60 sweatbands. Please message us or call us for bulk pricing.

🔸Can you stamp our logo on the sweatbands?
- We can stamp your logo on the hat but you will need to pay for your stamp to be made. We charge a $50 one time fee for the stamp to be made. Once we have your logo it is $1.50 extra per sweatband for your custom logo and we require a minimum order of 24 sweatbands for your logo to be stamped. If you order over a gross (144) the price per sweatband to have your logo goes down to $1.10 extra.

🔸Do you offer a perforated/vented leather sweatband.
- We do offer a perforated/vented sweatband in all of our colors that are 1 5/8” and 25” long.

If you have any more questions please let us know! Thank you for shopping at Fern-Thatcher Company, Inc.

- Tucker Hancock

See what you can make!

The options are endless with any style of leather you choose. Look what one of our customers turned our Pink Metallic leather side into!

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