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Fern Thatcher Co

Hair On Cow Hide White and Black

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This hide is mostly white with some black markings. We only use the finest hair-on cow hides, perfect for upholstery, craftsmanship and garments.

• Great for rugs or as accents for your home such as coasters, pillows, placemats and more 

• Ideal for garments like vests, hats, and purses.

• Enjoy the variety of uses of our hair-on cowhides. Create a western look or a rustic element to your
modern home!

• Average size: 32 to 40 sq. ft. (2.97 to 3.72 sq. meters)

• Please be aware that you may find little marks and scars because this is a natural product

• Please expect slight variation in size, color or pattern; each hide is unique

See what you can make!

The options are endless with any style of leather you choose. Look what one of our customers turned our Pink Metallic leather side into!

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