About Us

Truth treasures represents our love for truth.  Our families have a history of knife collecting. You will not find our families knife collections in a display, but rather you will find them used and worn. They represent years of hard work, sacrifice, and courage.

Those knives were tools used everyday to support a family. The men who carried these treasured knives were our great grandfathers,our grandfathers, and our fathers. These men were known for their truth, their courage, their strength, and they were men who were true at all times. They were men who performed and obeyed our Savior Jesus Christ with exactness. Their examples are the inspiration behind Truth Treasures.  

Our hope is that you value and enjoy the craftsmanship of our products, and may you also discover the treasure that lies within the truth of each product in our collection. As the truths are engraved upon our products, may they also be found engraved upon our hearts.