S.B. Foot Tanning Company has been creating high quality leather for 50 years. They produce oil tan leather which has been used for shoes, saddles, handbags, chaps, wallets, etc. you have probably worn or used a thing or two made from S.B Foot's leather. 
We stock second grade hides as they become available at the tannery. With their high-quality standards in place a second-grade leather could be labeled as such for a number of reasons, whether it be a color defect, range marks or a brand. We always ensure you will be getting a hide with very few of these blemishes. These leathers maintain their strength and have a lot of cutting available. You may just need to cut around a thing or two. Feel free to give us a call or email with any questions.
S.B Foot Tan Casco
S.B Foot Tan Casco from $ 70.00
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S.B Foot Stone Rough Tough
S.B Foot Stone Rough Tough from $ 70.00
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S.B Foot Sage Mohave
S.B Foot Sage Mohave from $ 60.00
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